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Quality Policy

Colortile believe that customer satisfaction is closely linked with quality of our deliverables. It is our Quality policy to:

  • Use best manufacturing and supply chain practices
  • Use best quality raw materials for optimum output
  • Continuous process monitoring and control
  • Propagate quality awareness to all our employees, suppliers and partners
  • Protect Environment by abiding to all regulatory standards, using resources effectively and by continuously working towards efficiency improvement
  • Periodic Management reviews to review and revise quality policy as per organization’s objectives

Manufacturing Process

From raw material to finished product, below are the steps involved in Ceramic Tiles manufacturing and designing at Colortile :

  • Batching : This involves selecting and mixing the right amount of ingredients to achieve desired results. Before the raw materials are mixed together, batch calculation takes place in accordance with their properties.
  • Mixing : After the selection and weighing of required raw materials, they are added to an intensive mixer which rotates to mix all ingredients. It also grinds them into fine mixture.
  • Spray Drying : Thisprocess removes extra water and pumps the slurry to an atomizer which rotates rapidly. This results in small granules and powder suitable for forming.
  • Forming : This includes Hydraulic pressing and compressing the materialusing high operating pressure.
  • Drying : Ceramic tiles are dried after the forming process. This process removes excess water at a slow rate to create durable tiles.
  • Glazing : Glaze is prepared usingsimilar process as tile body. Prepared glazes are applied to tiles through spraying or using special devices. Tiles are then beautified by using modern designs.
  • Storage and Packaging : Finished tiles are packed and are made ready to be stored in the storage area.

The entire manufacturing process is monitored and controlled through an automated computerized system.